We STILL heart Standon

Camp Note Well

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Guerrilla Bake Sale at Field Day 2011

Metres of cake

Ask Alice for cake

Ask Will for cake

Have some cake!

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Post-Young Vic post

So. The challenge we put to you yesterday night was to donate in non-monetary means  –here is what you offered:

Many, many hugs and kisses, a crossword,  a list of taxi phone numbers from a small village in Scotland, the first line of Fiona’s first play, a story about gettinga snake bite, an origami bishop’s hat, the promise of a carrot cake recipe, German friends (and words), a tampon (unused), chewing gum, a tiger lolly, a pink carnation, two secrets, a fun fact, a youtube video recommendation, a doodle, good feedback, a shakespearean monologue, an illustrated poem, a gentle cheekstroke, a compliment on having soft skin, a firm handshake, a packet of crisps, looks of sympathy in a time of need, a story about a scar, email addresses, a business card, two match sticks, a lesson in counting to ten in Japanese, a lesson in how to do a tai chi sun dance, two dances, advice to never ever get a credit card, a song, lots of exemplary istening, many, many new friends.

We enjoyed every single one of these, and hope you enjoyed the cake.

Many, many thanks to getinthebackofthevan, The Young Vic, their staff and especially Marco the chef for letting us bake in his kitchen. Even more thanks to you, cake-eaters and donating participants –we had a wonderful evening.

–The Guerrilla Bakers

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Cake-eaters, how are you?

The cake-bakers are baking, full of stories and announcements, excited and well.

Soooo….remember those August days? Remember how The Note Well went to Paris? That was when and where the invention of Chocolate Guinness Cheese Cake took place. Only one half of GBS had the pleasure of experiencing Darren’s creation, but I am told it was YUM.

Remember when those August days got colder and colder and colder? That was when GBS went to Leeds Festival -and sold out. Totally, entirely, completely. Well done and thank you very much, Leeds.

Skip from the past to the very near future: GBS is very honored to be participating at The Young Vic’s GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN: SHOW US YER BITS! on Wednesday, 27. October 2010.

There will be cake, pop-up theatre, guerrilla art and walkabout work. Email tickets@getinthebackofthevan.com for your free ticket.

More info about getinthebackofthe van on http://www.getinthebackofthevan.com/

There will also be the new and first GBS intern: Fiona has proven her talent many, many times, from her first Chocolate Guinness Cake eating experience at Field Day to her first Chocolate Guinness Cake baking experience at our kitchen recently. Meet her, meet us, meet cake, meet the art of non-monetary payment, meet The Note Well at The Young Vic next Wednesday.

See you there. We are EXCITED.

–The Guerrilla Bakers



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We like you.

Dearest friends,

you have been amazing cake-eaters, attentive listeners and wonderful to meet. The bakers have disbanded temporarily and it is time to thank all of you for being part of a fantastic, fantastical and fantastically fun summer.

The red hats shall not be seen until early September, but you might find the bakers wearing green hats, holding listening parties in Paris (http://shakespeareandcompany.com/index.php?categories=107%3A1), enjoying music and being useful at Leeds Festival, or pursuing cake research in Austria. Do not hesitate to ask them for cake anywhere ever.

–The Guerrilla Bakers

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Late, so late

A laaaate thank you for Anika from Drowned In Sound for noticing the cape at Field Day (http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4140663-in-photos–field-day-festival-2010-victoria-park-london/photo/12#photo), as well as the lovely nameless Rough Trade visitor who told us about the lovely picture.

Another much too late thank you to everyone who had cake before, during or after Sleepy Sun’s set at Rough Trade on Monday –we had a wonderful time.

–The Guerrilla Bakers

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Sleigh Bells! Rough Trade! Guerrilla!

Hurray, once more cake struck unexpectedly and unannounced! You might have seen the Bakers rush past you on their way to feed Sleigh Bells, their fans and Rough Trade staff yesterday evening….

Thanks to all who took notice of the red hats, had cake and listened to our story. Thanks to Sleigh Bells for an amazing show, and thanks to Rough Trade for not only letting us and our cake in, but also for being so excited about it. We’ll be back there soon…..

-The Guerrilla Bakers

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